Silver Wolf Associates
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Our Philosophy - we take the pressure away from our clients





Our Philosophy

believes in the provision of high quality focussed work to meet client needs. We call our people Associates not as an alternative to colleague but specifically for its dictionary definition: “connect in the mind”. It is vital we connect with each other and our clients so we are aligned to the client’s goals. This is embodied in our purpose

‘to be proud of our work as we strive to meet our clients’ needs’

which we believe drives our company to achieve the highest standards.

Our Fees

As we believe in aligning ourselves to the client, we favour fixed fees for regular work and as we are confident in our abilities, we are happy to place part of a fee at risk to a performance rating. Of course a fixed fee will only work for you and us if the project is largely definable and in the absence of a clear specification of the work, we will charge on a competitive hourly rate.

I wanted to let you know that a great job has been done in preparing and delivering this presentation. Atul in particular has been hugely responsive to every changing scenario and the final product that was presented to the European Executive Committee reflected very well on all those involved. Atul gave the presentation and handled himself exceptionally well in the meeting.”