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Operational Risk Review and Internal Controls

The Report produced by Silver Wolf Associates will

be tailored for each pension scheme from an initial template
be produced monthly
give a three page executive summary for Trustees and Company representative to analyse at speed
give a detailed breakdown of risk areas, the nature of the risk, the timescales involved, outline who is responsible and report progress on issues
include key metrics that are colour coded to provide the Red, Amber, Green highlighting to allow the reader to quickly see issues
include graphical representation for easier analysis
include a trend analysis for six to twelve months depending on the metric.

Trustees can at last have a service that proactively monitors risk against legal, financial, reputational matters and internal standards. The initial report provides the basic framework and we will work with the Trustees to tailor the report to their needs.


Please see the chart above for an example of the executive summary which in practice should run to three pages. It is colour coded to highlight issues arising in amber and breaches of external standards in red. Click here if you wish to see a larger image.

As well as the executive summary, the report will also provide the detailed analysis to allow Trustees and Company representative to drill down to the issues, ask appropriate questions, be satisfied that actions are being taken to resolve problems and ensure those actions are owned by individuals.

Our aim is to allow Trustees to spend 10-15 minutes on a monthly basis to either be comforted by the day to day operations of the pension scheme or to understand the issues that are arising. The Trustees will therefore have the opportunity to deal with the issues immediately rather than waiting for the next trustee meeting.

“Silver Wolf Associates have demonstrated their excellent knowledge and experience in this review and I have been very impressed with the results – very thorough and professional.”

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